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Listen to the Utterz Moo-Roar

Mar 3, 2008

When I put this together, I was a bit inspired by one of my favorite bands. Although my attempt falls so far short of the inspiration that its ridiculous, there is something fun and interesting about mixing sounds together.

When I'm in a bar these days, I have a pretty difficult time distinguishing between sounds. But there is something interesting about this.

The group I mentioned is called Meat Beat Manifesto ( ). I've been listening to them for about 17-18 years now.

At one time they might have been lumped into what was known as industrial, but its something a good bit more evolved than that. They have this great way of pulling in a number of sonic experiences into a musical form that kind of feels like going to an amusement park for the ears.

If they shaved their heads and painted themselves in bright blue latex paint, they would be to the blue man group what Michael Jordan is to elementary school basketball.

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