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If u package it some idiot will buy it

Mar 4, 2008

I remember growing up watching a TV show called Real People. It was a dumb show, and typically came on after school, in rerun form back before we had more than 4 stations.

It was just the type of thing I needed to help stem the flow of intelligent thought from my brain after spending too much time at school getting smart. I'd race through the day at school to finish my homework before school got out, so that I could come home and be a couch potato. Those were the days.

I remember one episode where they talked about this crazy new phenomena.

Bottled Water

They capped off the segment showing some guy in jersey filling up bottles of water from his tap and selling them. MMMM Yum!

Its kind of ironic. Ten years before we had come out of Vietnam and now we were worried (then) about Flouride in the water that might destroy our POE (Purity of Essence).

Well, 20 some years later, it turns out that we are even crazier. We now pay for oxygen shots with a water back on the side. We don't worry about POE any more but instead fear the color red and a few nuts on the other side of the planet that live in caves.

When I was a kid, at least we had a formidable foe. The Russians had nukes and were apparently just as crazy as we were. We had shoot outs at noon and they played Russian Roullete. These days our enemies can decide if they want to drown us in oil, burn us in oil, or take all of our money away from us in exchange for oil.

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