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Fewer Raves and More Remodeling

May 27, 2007

As I moved into my mid thirties, I must have turned into an adult somehow.

I have always been responsible, even when I was a teenager and doing some pretty irresponsible things.  I served in the military for several years, worked my way through college while starting a family, a business and maintaining a full time job.

I later started a new career in finance and went to law school for my Master's degree.

Somewhere along the way I stopped going to clubs and raves and started spending less of my time and money on music and more on landscaping and remodelling.  I do not know where nor how it happened, it just kind of happened.

I'm still a pretty good dancer, but I have additional outlets for my creativity maybe.  I definitely enjoy landscaping quite a bit.  I wouldn't call myself a gardener, but there are definitely areas where landscaping and gardening meet.  I'm more of a landscaper and less of a gardener (of the variety that grows food).  Personally, I prefer growing trees, bushes, shrubs and I definitely like rocks.

Ok, so you can't grow a rock, but I'm from Illinois and the state is basically a remnant of the Ancient Mississippi river, which means it has river rocks everywhere.  I grew up playing in the hills and creeks and there's just something balancing about trees and rocks for me. 

Well anyway, among other things I signed up for a special deal from Home Depot this month.  They are offering a free membership into their garden club through the end of May (runs out 5/31 I believe).  You can join for free and get access to gardening tips, and more via email or through snail mail.  I don't pay attention to a lot of snail mail advertising, but I do read the Home Depot flyers almost religiously.  Maybe that is where the similarities between dancing and landscaping start to meet for me.  Something about exerting yourself artistically until you start to sweat your rear off, while creating something beautiful . . .  :)

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