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My Dog Left Me to Go on a Road Trip

May 27, 2007

I travelled on many business trips, vacations and short road trips that took me away from home and left my dog at home alone without me.

This afternoon I experienced turn-about when my dog left me to go on a road trip.

She was heading out of town for a couple days with the kids.  She also planned on taking 2 of our 3 dogs.  She had the dogs loaded up in the car and my dog, Bleu a beagle, snuck out of the house and jumped into my wife's van.

She wouldn't come to me and wouldn't come out of the van, so my wife took her too.

Now my dog does like me.  She gets pretty much whatever she wants, good non-poisoned dog food, the latest in dog supplies. She even gets to clean up the table scraps at liberty after my baby is done eating.

Truth be told even though she gets sick 1 out of 4 times on a road trip, she likes to ride in the car possibly better than she likes hanging out at home.  :)

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