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Multi-Tasking Painting and Blogging

May 19, 2007

Last night I was experimenting with blogging in between coats of paint.

  1. I dismantled my bathroolm.
  2. Wrote a couple articles.
  3. Taped off the room.
  4. Responded to some forums.
  5. Painted the middle sections of the room 1st coat.
  6. Wrote an article
  7. Edged the room
  8. Wrote another article
  9. Did the second coats for the middle and edges
  10. Ate too many gudge covered graham cracker cookies
  11. Painted a third coat
  12. Answered some email
  13. Painted a fourth coat
  14. Wrote an article, answered an email and updated a genealogy project I started this week. (I’m apparently related to Geoffrey Chaucer and Alexander Dumas much to my delight.)
  15. Cleaned up the paint brushes and the rollers, walked the dog and went to bed.

A couple nights before, I was removing the linoleum and stripping the floor while coding a database.  I haven't quite figured out how to blog while I do yard work like mowing the grass and pruning the trees and shrubs but that will happen one of these days.

Later this weekend I will paint the room with the actual paint (the above part was the primer, covering up some nasty black and white faux pattern the previous home owners teenager had created).  Once the paint is done, I'll put the new trim up, put the toilet back together, put in a new sink, and a new medicine cabinet along with some under cabinet lighting.

Once all that is done, its time to finish the ceramic tiling.  This bathroom is in the basement and I laid ceramic tile a year ago covering about 500 square feet.  I never got the bathroom finished so I just have about 20 square feet of bathroom to tile and it will be finished.

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