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There's Something About Video Conferencing

May 27, 2007

For decades people have been imagining what it would be like to video conference.  The internet and later faster broadband made it possible and useful respectively speeking.

There are multiple cheap to free ways to use video conferencing today from skype to Yahoo messenger, but if you are a business user and you want to get exceptional quality then you have to pony up some money.  Now there are options like Webex that run several hundred dollars a month.

Then there is Megameeting that offers up video conferencing for about $75 a month.

Another couple years and video conferencing might just become the norm, then again people have been saying that since shortly after they started dreaming about it in the first place several decades ago.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

i hope it doesnt become the norm. if the other end of your conference can actually see that you ar pulling faces and not listening, the office will be a lot less of a fun place...

12:27 PM  

True. lol

I'm sure someone will design some utility to create a programmed image of you smiling and nodding enthusiastically in cyber space. Then you can continue to make mocking faces in real life . . .

BrettBum said...
12:49 PM  

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