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This Girl looks just like the Valedictorian of My Grade School class

May 27, 2007

I've been a member of for several years.  (I rotate on and off every few years as a paid member.)

They advertise pretty heavily and I always see their ads with this girl wearing glasses.

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She looks just like a girl that I went to grade school with that became the grade school valedictorian (did I spell that right?). :)

I've never seen the guy before in that picture, and I'm pretty sure she is not the same person.  The resemblance is spooky.

Regardless, I've found several dozen people over the years through  Its definitely been a good service for me.  When I left high school and my hometown, I joined the military and lost track of quite a few people from the area.

I have been able to connect with some of theme through classmates. 

Similarly, when I was in the military I made a number of great friends, but being young and getting shipped off regularly I rapidly lost track of many of my military friends (just before the dawn of email).  I've caught up with several of them through classmates as well.  I've even found some old coworkers long after the work email addresses stopped working.

This is just one of those Web 1.0 servies that provides a good enough purpose to be good and useful. 

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