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Web Conferences and Fire Pits

May 1, 2007

Today I was doing a little bit of multitasking. I was outside burning some brush that I turned off the trees couple weeks ago. It's been sitting on the ground for a couple weeks drying out waiting to be burned. And at the same time I was involved in a Web conference reviewing a new and upcoming software program that I can't talk about just yet.

There's something about the whole scenario that kind of struck me as funny since I'm burning brush in one hand and work in a laptop on another. I did take a couple breaks after the webcast was over. The still burning some brush but I stopped to write up a couple blog articles along the way.

No point in not being productive!

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You are far better at multi-tasking than I am. I probably would have set my laptop on fire and tried to do the webconference with a By the way, tag!

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