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Tuscanny Villa TV Show

May 18, 2007

Last week and my wife and I watched a series of home improvement in real estate shows on one of those cable channels dedicated to that type of thing. We typically watch the shows to help us get motivated to improve our own house.

I was surprised to see that one of the shows focused on a couple trying to purchase real estate and Tuscany, Italy. The couple and their children live in Italy today and they were looking to find something out of the city with a little bit more space for their kids.

That sounds pretty typical however and the area that they were hoping to buy new construction is not allowed. Old buildings and farm structures dating back several hundred years a revitalized on the inside to keep the area's rustic charm. Prices for real estate in the area are much different than what you'd find in the United States where there is still a significant amount of real estate that is bent on claims. In Europe the real estate or the landscape even has been claimed her own for hundreds of years and is not often subdivided up into new construction.

The show is very entertaining but it was even more entertaining from the perspective of understanding how their search was working under circumstances that would seem extraordinary in the US. That said you can definitely understand what they were looking for as the rustic charm of an area surrounded by hills and small mountains bordering the Alps plus all large selection of Vineyards and winery's definitely make the area very appealing for people looking for Tuscany Villas.

I may not be purchasing a Tuscany Villa myself anytime the next five years, however I wouldn't mind visiting the area sometime very soon and I could definitely envision myself staying there for an extended period.  Tuscany definitely has a significant amount charm.

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