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Reverse Junking and What have you

May 16, 2007

So after years of collecting lots of furniture some of it from junk shops and antique stores and what have you, we are preparing to move and so we have to go reverse junking.

Reverse junking is the act of getting rid of the junk by selling them back to junk stores and antique stores and what have you.  Many people make a good living these days selling their stuff to what have you no one really knows where what have you learned all of their money, but what have you is rapidly becoming one of the largest components of financial liquidity in the global market place.

It's estimated that what have you accounts for $2.3 trillion of the US national debt today.  That's a lot of debt and what have you and that debt was used to purchase a lot of different things from tanks and planes and pork barrel spending. 

The result is or might have gone by some new home furniture from the couch to the tables to dust and what have you.

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