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Sooner or Later we all have to learn not to play with Crap

May 30, 2007

Its an age old axiom. 

Sooner or later we all have to learn not to play with crap.

I'm not talking about stuff, or junk or things.  I'm talking about crap, feces, poop and shiite.

Sometimes we even need reminders of this from time to time.

My son apparently need a reminder of this today.  He just recently turned 9 years old.  He and his younger sister were arguing over (If you are a Hindu, you may not want to read any further) who could play with the fly swatter.

My son had the upper hand and had control over the fly swatter.  My five year old daughter was very jealous of his possession and wanted the flyswatter her self.

At first, I didn't pay attention to their latest argument.  Then I looked up and noticed that my son was carrying around the fly swatter and using it to scratch his bare back. Essentially rubbing what my great grandmother would refer to as that 'dirty fly swatter' all over himself.  Playing with the end of it, the swatting end with his bare hands even.

My great grandmother probably did a double somersault in her grave.

I had to explain to him the same lesson that she taught me years ago.  Flies are killed by fly swatters.  Flies like to crawl and eat crap.  When you kill a fly with a fly swatter, you get fly guts and fly parts all over the swatter and if you rub the swatter on your back and hands then the crap and guts can transfer.

My great grandmother never referred to it as transference; CSI wasn't on back then.  But she definitely understood the principle and now, at least temporarily, my son and daughter unerstand it too!

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