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Avoid Gentlemen's Clubs!

Dec 4, 2007

Sim offered up the Topic of the Day and asked how people avoid stress while traveling.

I'd like to simply suggest that people should avoid Gentlemen's Clubs while traveling. Going to strange strippers and strip clubs can be very stressful. Odds are you are not familiar with the rules (touch, don't touch, drool, don't drool, tip with your finger, or your mouth, jump around on stage, don't jump around on stage, eat the food, don't eat the food, get a hair cut at the naked barber shop or don't, drink rot gut or beer etc.)

Plus, the fee structure is likely to be different than what you are used to paying. This can definitely result in problems if after 8 glasses of rot gut, a half dozen lap dances, and a freaky freddy kruger, you decide to venture into the champagne room and don't TRULY understand how much you are paying by the minute, dance, hour etc.

Before you know it, you have to sign up for the financing plan at the strip club and those are always rough (second only to payday loans).

*One other tip, never buy stripper bucks in Chicago! Always use the real thing. Stripper bucks are worthless, and don't freak out when you see the girls there. They do not have deformed breasts, they just have these things taped to their nipples to keep them covered up. Its a windy city thing I guess . . .

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