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Michael Vick Going to Jail and I am Leaving the Pop Up Protest Site Business

Dec 10, 2007

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison today.  Since July I have been running a site called the Campaign to Sack Michael Vick.  I did not profit from the site financially that was not my intent.  Back in July it looked like Michael Vick would escape justice entirely.  A great deal has happened since then and it appears that justice has caught up with Michael Vick.

I have been looking forward to the day when this project might come to an end.  I felt very strongly about this particular situation and took the step to get involved.  Along the way, getting involved meant working with some very negative topics from the torture and killing of dogs to the murder of a man involved in the dog fighting ring who happens to live a few dozen miles from where I live today.

As I have covered Michael Vick and this case for the last 6 months, I have been looking forward to the day when this case would be over.  Unfortunately, even though Vick was sentenced today, the case still drags on in Virginia state court and in the murder investigation which was held up by the feds.

Michael Vick received 23 months and will have to serve at least 85% of that or about 18 months.  This means he will not play in the NFL next year.  After that he could go back to the NFL, which in my humble opinion is largely responsible for what Michael Vick did.

Now, I have to figure out what to do with the blog that I started.  When you make a blog, it is a bit of a creative endeavor.  You are building something and often times if you do a good job you can take pride in your work.

In this situation however, the blog covered a topic that was very negative and personal for Michael Vick.  In that regards, from my own creative perspective, I felt that I could not take pride in my work.  I could work to ensure that something closer to justice came about, but I could not right the wrongs.  At the end of the day, the total experience was draining.  I do feel it was necessary and important at some level, but I took no pleasure in the work.

I almost never sell or close down websites that I start.  They are a part of me, something I have built and I do not let go.  In this case, I think I will try and find some way to end this site.  I do not know how I will do that just yet.  I may donate some of the proceeds or I may not(I did spend quite a bit of money on the site over the last 6 months). 

I'm not sure if I should take some money back to pay myself for the costs or even my work, or if I should donate any proceeds.  If I donate them, I do not know who I will donate the proceeds to.  In this case, I was in a strange alignment with PETA, but I do not normally agree with PETA on many many issues.

I don't know.  As a person that creates things, I realize that in not selling my creations I am missing part of the steps that an artist normally goes through.  I do not sell my work typically, but fund parts of it with advertising. 

This makes the creation free to consume on the internet for my readers, but it also makes it easier for me to share because I do not have to give anything up.  I may force myself to sell this site, for the primary reason of gaining the experience and cleansing myself a bit from the nefarious world of Michael Vick that I wrote on for so many months.

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