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Scrambling to Get a Grip on Projects before Christmas

Dec 14, 2007

I have been racing to wrap up some medium sized projects that have to be completed before I can begin some of the really big projects that a number of people are very excited for me to begin.

The thing is Christmas is about a week away (leaving town on the 21st).  So between now and this time next week I have to do about a months worth of work.  :)

Business as Usual

Yesterday, I began a lite reboot of a website called the Book of Medicine.  It was attacked (on one of its directories) by Google and I'm working to salvage the domain through the primary domain name and establish other domains.

I'm using some of those other directories to field a brand new project (a quick little beta) for some much bigger projects on many other topics with the LLA.  This is kind of a proof of concept there, as we work to deliver new money making options for bloggers in a post Googappocaliptic blogosphere.

I finished one of those last night, and tonight I'm hoping to finish another and then 4 more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my wife and I can't figure out what to get the kids for Christmas, let alone what to get each other, although I think I'm going to maybe get some software

Pinnacle 11 video editing software maybe

or Camtasia

I've had my eye on both for some time, but hadn't until tonight had more than a half second to express the thought out loud.

I might have to get a new faster spinning hard drive for my laptop too.  I have plenty of RAM, but a faster spinning hard drive can do wonders for laptop performance.  That's a trick I learned from a friend of mine that works as a Baltimore car accident attorney.

If you follow my twitter (sidebar) you know that my writing has been a little weak today, hoping to be back on track tomorrow after a full night of sleep, but when I do a lot of programming, it is sometimes hard for me to switch gears and get creative with words without the assistance of 2-3 beers to enable a clean transition.

I tried to have a little fun today on Viral Grape Vine with

Document Shows 15 Other Questions the Clinton Camp Would Have Used to Attack Barack Obama

But truthfully it just didn't quite feel right.  Felt a little too mean to me and not half as funny as it should have been.  I guess without the mediocre or the bad the good stuff isn't half as much fun to find and create.

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