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Dec 2, 2007

austin_powers_Swedish_Penis_Pump Since about July, I have been running a site named the Campaign to Sack Michael Vick at .  It started as an effort to thwart cruelty and the lack of justice and over the course of this blog, justice has slowly started to roll around, even though there are still many things that have not been settled, including a murder investigation and the potential for Michael Vick to return to the NFL next year.

Regardless of all that, I have learned that I do not like working a blog that focuses on something that has a negative topical focus. 

I also do not like coffee regardless of whether its Starbucks or Saeco.

I do not work to write negative attacks against Michael Vick.  I do cover what is going on and that is more often negative rather than positive.  Plus, I find myself defending the sites goal and my goal to see Michael Vick stay out of the NFL.  If you want to see why I feel he should stay out, visit the site, but let me summarize by saying that I do not feel he should stay out as a punishment for his past acts. 

This December 10th, he will be sentenced by a Federal Judge.  I am looking forward to possibly being done with this website.  There is a lot of other thing going on including a state trial next April and an open murder investigation.  (One of Vick's partners was murdered a few days after the Feds raided Michael Vick's home and made the dog torture and killings public.

I have not figured out how to end my involvement with this site yet.  I have never sold a website before, and I'm not sure if I plan to start with this one.  I may just let it fade away, or park it or something.  I don't know, but I do not want to continue covering the train wreck that is Michael Vick any more.  Its a bummer and that has helped me realize that I prefer to cover positive things in the world.  Covering negative events or issues is important, but its not something that I am probably the best candidate to do . . .

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