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Weird Things With Lasagna Cheese

Dec 19, 2007

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OK, I'm kind of cleaning out my camera flash card (closet).  I've been meaning to share a couple things, but just never got around to emptying the damn card.  Seems like whenever that happens, I end up just dumping a big file folder of pictures on to my hard drive and never actually share any of them.

So I'm doing that a bit now while I sit on a pair of bar stools that is cutting the circulation off in my legs, kind of a race to see if I can finish this article before my legs go to sleep. 

A pair, what do you have a really big ass?

No, ass on one chair, feet on the other.

First off I have a few pictures of cheese.

burnt cheese

Whoa big deal that!  Stop the presses, be still my beating heart.  Why is this guy taking pictures of cheese?????

Back story on taking pictures of cheese

So we buy these frozen stouffers lasagna's from time to time and they taste about as bland as a waffle with marinara and ricotta cheese.

So I goose them up a bit.

I add a layer of sharp cheese slices on top, then poor some hunts tomato paste, sprinkle some oregano and Italian spices, then mixed grated cheese, then a layer of pepperonis, then more grated cheese and repeat until the top of the lasagna is about to overflow out of the aluminum pan.  (note I make a great home made lasagna but I'm lazy so this is my back up)

Well for some weird reason the sharp cheese on one of these must have exploded like a bunch of little volcanoes.  The cheese hit the aluminum cover and must have then fried in place as it dripped down.  So when I took the cover off, I ended up with this cheese that is hard but sticking up off the upside down aluminum top.  (kind of looks like fire, I like fire, so snap there's a few pictures!)


more burnt cheese

even more burnt cheese 

BTW in case you are wondering the cheese, tasted like . . . . Cheese!

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