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Happy New Years! Early

Dec 27, 2007

Hi Everyone,  I've been traveling a lot this holiday season, driving about 2,000 miles so far with the family with another 1,000 to go.  I have fended off colds, a flue and a migraine and herds of deer.  I have only done some light or is it lite writing while I have been traveling as Santa did not bring an Air card (santa didn't want to deal with Verizon Wireless during the holidays and for good reason!).

I have also been listening to a great audio book series of which I owe some reviews on Story Addicts.  I have been four wheeling in the woods with my brother and kids and I spent a good deal of time last night getting the rebooting of the LinkyLoveArmy under way for sometime in the new year.  Plus, the work to teach/guru/ guide people forward into the problogging world (and $1,000 articles) is making progress as well and I'm hoping to have that firing on at least 4 cylinders within another week or two.

So in the mean time, I hope you are all doing well, having a happy and safe holiday and looking forward to a great New Year!

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