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Fixed my feed links for YOU!

Dec 3, 2007

I have never worried too much about my feed subscription rates here.  This blog was originally started as a lark, and it eventually turned into one of my favorite blogs.  Since then I have rebooted it (lightly) a couple times, and somewhere along the way my feed subscription buttons got a little goofy.

SOOOOoooo, I finally got around to fixing them this evening.  Fixing the counter, made my subscription rate jump from 1 to 11,   Whooopy!


Seriously the numbers are not correct.  There are some readers that I know are subscribing and reading that do not show up in the feedblitz and feedburner results.  Based on the readers that come into my blog via rss, feeds, and email subscriptions, I also know that the number is a lot more than 11.

What I think is going on is that on any given day 11 of all of my subscribers on average access the blog that way.  I suspect that many people that are subscribed are actually coming by directly and not through their subscription feed.

Now, I could care less if anyone is subscribed or stops by the blog by the web address.  However, if you are taking the time to stop by, I do want it to be as easy as possible for you to get here.  That's why I fixed the buttons and hopefully that will make things easier for everyone.  If it helps, you great.  I don't need a cup of coffee for my efforts nor a Patek Philippe watch, just your pleasant company.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

I subscribed :)

4:31 PM  

thanks Elizabeth!

I subscribed too, it gives me an offline record of my articles.

BrettBum said...
4:53 PM  

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