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Christmas Cookies

Dec 16, 2007

My wife and mother in law baked christmas cookies all day to put into tins and give to the kid's teachers for a gift.

Here is my daughter staring at 'pretty' cookies that she refuses to eat because she is finicky about candied cherries.

All in all its been a productive Sunday and a productive weekend. I managed to finish the build on another website, write a dozen or so blog articles, including a almost decent article about why I do not like Mitt Romney. My writing mojo is not fully back up to speed yet, but its getting there. I need to hit CompUSA (which is going out of business). I need some nimh batteries for one of my laptops and I also need to get some DVD-ram mini discs for the camcorder.

Tonight, I'm hoping to maybe knock out another website while I relax just a bit watching a movie. I also need to process some bills and make some payments to people.
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Those cookies look good! And your daughter is adorable, her name is Zoe? She must be getting excited about Christmas!

7:58 PM  

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