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Type Cast as the Pitch Lady for Male Enhancement Sucks

Dec 19, 2007

Do you recognize this woman?


She's kind of cute, has dimples and talks with a cutsie, flirty almost dirty spank me voice on your television every night.

She's the face of male enhancement supplements.  I think its extenze.

Note. I looked up extenze on Google and the site was down because they exceeded their bandwidth, which is ironic somehow.


You know those placebo pills that are supposed to boost your confidence by increasing the size of a man's certain something (hint hint - She is talking about your penis men).

This fine television commercial actress has her face plastered across cable working to convince men that their package is too small, could be bigger, would please women if it were bigger, and tee hee, would make her happy if she only knew that you were ordering her product to make your johnson bigger, that is enhanced.

Example of a Commercial (not her commercial but freaking hillarious but not for work or for kids)

Truthfully, there is no where to go but to go down after you have taken a gig like this.  She should fire her agent as she'll be lucky to get a gig featuring a farm animal as the second main attraction somewhere south of the border.

She's not a bad actress either.  I say this because she almost has me convinced that the enhancement stuff would work or that I might even need it (although I skipped using a remote control for years as I could reach the TV manually).

So anyway, I kind of feel sorry for the poor extenze girl.  Destined to have had her 15 minutes of fame looped in an infomercial word sporting male enhancement products.   With that in mind, I'd like to recommend her for a free car donation

I haven't found a charity out there yet that provides cars or work for down on their luck infomercial babes.  But I did come across car angel that does the opposite.  They accept car donations and use the proceeds to make videos and things for kids and teens.  Maybe if some of those on the fence teens get the right message, they won't get cast on the couch in one of these infomercials.

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Boy does she have a bad complexion. They should switch her with Jessica Simpson on the acne commercials. At least her face could get the help it desperately needs.

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