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A Day with the Van

Dec 20, 2007

So today, I slept from 3:00 am until 7 am got up for 30 minutes with the kids, went back to sleep until 11am.  Got dressed and had breakfast,then went to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed on the van (also new wipers and a couple other things). 

I was hoping to get a squeaky belt fixed, but they didn't do that.  I did meet a couple people working there that I think will be very interested in getting involved in the blogging movement.  One of them was from West Palm Beach, one of my old hang outs, and he's already involved in marketing in a couple other capacities. 

While I was coming and going, I've been leaving Christmas voice mail greetings to people.  I never can seem to get Christmas cards out, so this was the best I can do.  Plus, seems a little more personal than an email (without the fancy flash animation stuff).

Next stop was Pep boys for the thing that Jiffy Lube couldn't do.  While there, I walked over to wal-mart, picked up lunch and some cash for the road.

Now, I'm back at Pep Boys putting together a DVD (that i started at jiffy lube) for my grandmother, who is in rehab at a nursing home outside of St Louis.

So after all my trips to and fro over the holidays, when I get back, its back to business, back to work (not that I won't work while traveling) and then soon, we'll be listing our house for sale in georgia and looking for some North Carolina land for sale maybe a little homestead by the lake (or the muddy bank of what used to be a lake).

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