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I can't tell what I'm Missing on Utterz? :(

Jul 15, 2008

I'm a little flumoxed. Since the launch of the new Utterz I have the distinct impression (which I cannot support at all with facts) that I am missing conversations on Utterz because I can't quite figure out the new navigation structure of the site.

It constantly seems like there are far fewer conversations taking place on utterz than prior to the upgrade, yet every now and then, I'll click a button and find a whole train of conversation or set of new utterz that I hadn't seen before.

I can't quite figure out where the default show me all, really all, every utter that has been posted in the order it has been posted button is, nor which combination of buttons I need to click or set to get this.

*** Quick note, I'm not trying to complain here, just trying to figure out how I got so far off the beaten path before I get run over by a heard of bison that are upset about the invasion of cows.

All in all this doesn't seem to be a bug in the system, it seems to be more of a user confusion over what happens when I push a button (all or recent) or (Show and Hide) or (Popular or Latest).

I think these are all the possible configurations:

all show popular

all hide popular

all show latest

all hide latest

recent show popular

recent hide popular

recent show latest

recent hide latest

On that last one, I really really miss the popular utterz section of utterz and I also miss the display and use of tags in Utterz.

Any tag I create today seems to go into a black hole.

All in all, I still get a lot out of Utterz, especially in blogging, but I feel like I'm getting disconnected from people that I had just gotten connected with and am straining to keep in touch with people that I was even closer to online.

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