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Bolo Toys

Jul 26, 2008

Kids playing with bolos
Here are two of my kids playing with an outdoor bolo toy.  The goal is to get the bolos to wrap around the colored bars. 
1 point for yellow
2 points for red
3 points for blue
If you wrap a bolo around more than one bar (like blue and red, you get the points for both.
Its a simple little game and toy.  The bars are made out of PVC pipe stuck together.  The bolos are two golf balls with nylon string drilled through them to connect them together as a bolo.
You could probably make this toy yourself with a few old golf balls and 20 feet of pvc pipe from home depot.  In general, given the housing market you might actually get more bang for your buck getting your kids outside and playing than investing some money installing new Moen faucets with the same amount of money and similar skills applied.

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