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Prepping to Pack and Move Wednesday

Jul 17, 2008

This video is from Wednesday Afternoon, shortly after we arrived at our old house to pack it up in preparation for a move.

The place is a mess and needs to be cleaned as well as packed and I'm just running through fairly quickly.

As I type this now, its about 1 am on Thursday morning (about 8 hours later) and I'm exhausted.

I'm about ready to get things set up in the library so that I can start packing it up first thing in the morning. Earlier today, I packed about 70% of the garage and burned off some of the tree branches that fell over the last few months while we were away. (Zero scaping and reducing the branches to ash which I then spread back over areas of the yard for fertilizer.)

So anyway, once I have things ready to go in my library, I'm crashing. The library is a bit of a special project as I plan to get pictures or video of all my books as I prepare to get them more organized and cataloged or something. I have a hard time throwing out books and even the thought of it is more painful than remembering my teenager years awash in acne cream.

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