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Login from deep page Utterz bug

Jul 15, 2008

Just a quick thing. I was on page 5 of all utterz. I tried to flag some spam, but realized that I wasn't logged in. I signed in and Utterz pushed me to page 1 of Recent utterz.

This might correspond in a smallpart to missing stuff. If I have a default of page one of 'recent', which apparently is not 'all' then I can't hop right on that utter five pages in and get side tracked with something different (like this feedback note) :)

I'd like to be able to login and be at the exact point that I attempted to login at.

As an extra, if I'm on the home page logging in, I'd like to change my default view to 'all' instead of 'recent', but not sure how to do that or if that has to be programmed.

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