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Sims New Startup Name Brainstorm Send Off

Jul 25, 2008

Hey Sim,

Sorry to hear that you are leaving, but happy for you that you are exploring something new.

I'm sure you have some excellent experiences and lessons as you move on from Utterz, not least of which is that wearing an animal suit in a bar can make for a lot of fun. :)

In case it helps, here's some suggestions for new company names (if they can remotely be applied then maybe you can once again venture out in an animal suit!)

Badgerz - Kind of the annoying dark side of social networking

Buggerz - This one may be more popular in gay bars. Fortunately Seinfeld has paved the way to make bugs look cute.

Skunkz - Sports social network for people that get stomped at sports

Fingerz - Thinking of a raccoon theme here with a big raccoon suit with over developed raccoon fingers. No idea what the business would do, but could be good for selling sex toys.

Mulez - This is a great new play on the internet combining energy conservation with social networking as millions of Americans are forced to give up cars and turn to riding Mules to work. A small methane burning generator is attached to the back of the mule, which powers a laptop computer for people during their extremely long commute to work so they can stay connected.

Tailz&Talez - Social networking website for strippers and devotees. Who come to share their Tailz and Talez literally online.

Jowlz - Social network for the growing number of flabby cheeked people of the world inspired by the movie Wall-E with a Blue Tick Hound or a Bassett Hound as the mascot. (Sim you might be a little too tall for this get up if its the bassett so I recommend the blue tick hound, less of an under dog too)

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