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Not Fair, but No Replay for Morrissey

Jul 29, 2008

I've never truly gotten into the Smiths or Morrissey. The style was definitely inline with a lot of music I listened to, but never quite made the connection for me.

When I was younger, I always harbored the suspicion that morrissey was basically just full of shit throwing out easy lyrics designed to woo girls and maybe a few boys. I've always thought that they were talented, good music etc, but something just never resonated in the message for me.

I think it may have had something to do with my formative years when I matured past being a teenager. When I was young I could woo (silly word but its a bit of a silly practice so I'm making fun of it now) girls like it was nobody's business.

But it was kind of a hollow little easy game that I grew bored with pretty quickly. So when ever I listen to the Smiths or Morrissey, I just hear some of the same adolescent drivel that I grew past at one point or another.

I suspect that I will never be able to go back and listen to the Smiths or Morrissey with new ears or a new subjectivity that will let me enjoy or possibly really respect the music. Its more a reflection on myself probably than it is on the artist or the music, but sometimes that is the entire point with music anyway. It helps us reflect on who we are, who we were, and who we might yet be.

Unless, I'm reincarnated and have to go through teenage years all over again, I doubt I'll be able to give Morrissey another chance.

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