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Server Crash Monday

Jul 7, 2008

Today has included a slow return to the office after a long 4th weekend. We had relatives in town and they left this morning.

Once they hit the road, I hit the couch and took a nap. :) (benefits of working from home and for myself!)

But after that was over, I did some day dream coding (staring in the distance solving coding problems in my head, which is sometimes less distracting than looking at a screen).

Finally got down to some work this afternoon, and watched my server crash before my eyes. So since then I've been upgrading a couple of the sites on the server that were generating a few errors in the logs. Nothing crazy, but its the best I can do for trouble shooting right now. Every time I run into these types of issues, I always question my ability to deal with them or maybe its my desire to deal with these types of issues, which is a stretch for my type B personality. Makes me want to exercise my type B personality harder in fact and seek out some other small business opportunitites until I look at my surroundings and realize, hey you fool, you work on a WiFi fishing dock. It doesn't get much better than that!

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