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My Longest Swim

Jul 27, 2008

I have been trying to swim further and further lately, just to see how far I can swim. I'm not training for an iron man or anything like that. Just not interested in that type of thing.

I do however, like to understand what I am capable of doing and accomplishing. Plus, after moving last week, my knees were feeling a little rough so I haven't been running lately.

So as today was pretty damn hot here on the lake, and I needed some exercise, I jumped in the water and swam out to the end of our cove. You can see in this image a buoy that is about 1/10 th of a mile from our dock. We swim to that regularly. Way off in the distance, there are 2 additional buoys that are about 3/10ths of a mile (if I drive the cove instead of swimming it, so its actually a little further in the water).

So I swam a bit of a triangle pattern out to the middle of the cove, then out to the end of the cove somewhat by the edge and back again along one side of the cove.

All said and told it was at least 6/10ths of a mile. My brother-in-law who is a lot better swimmer than I am (he's been trained as a swimmer where as I have just grown up swimming in a lake) thinks that this distance is closer to a mile.

Anyway no matter how far it is, that is the longest distance that I have ever swam before. My arms and legs were not terribly tired at the end of it, but my fingers were feeling kind of wobbly after trying to keep my hands and fingers 'cupped' that entire distance.

When I started out, I did something of a sprint to the first buoy going almost as fast as I can swim, just to get my heart rate up and insure that I would get a good exercise out of this. Then I did something of a modified breast stroke the rest of the way out and the rest of the way in, switching for a few short strokes to a scissors kick when some waves from passing boats were rolling in and a couple dives under water to cool off my head and face as the sun beat down on me.

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