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Do you Hear My Background Noise?

Feb 2, 2008

I've been struggling but getting closer to learning how to set the sound settings appropriately on my microphones and mixer and computer and everything. Its probably overkill for utterz, but I am hoping to graduate these skills learned here into full blown podcasts, and the great feedback from everyone in the Utterz circles here really helps to keep me motivated on this front as opposed to trying to learn this stuff in a vacuum.

So let me know if you can hear the background noise in my recording, sounds like very low level static to me.

Photo - I have a bad cold and haven't shaved in a couple days.

Sound/Voice- I have a bad cold and can't even tell if I sound nasally or not because I have a bad cold.

Whining - I'm a guy and like the rest of my sex tend to whine excessively when I have a bad cold.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

I listened to the recording and I will tell you that if you are using the mics without a Pop Filter, that is one way that you are getting that "extra niose." You will need one to clean that up. Also, record on Audacity in mono 44100 and that will make it sound great as well. recording in stereo and splitting is to long of a process. I record some stuff at home and upload it to for my podcast because I get better audio quality at home that using thier conversion. I hope that this helped and if you want to communicate, email me at

Anonymous said...
1:45 PM  

Thanks for the tips Chris,

I do not have a Pop Filter but will look into that right away.

Splitting things in stereo only takes a couple seconds, but I will retest it both ways once I come up with a pop filter. :)

BrettBum said...
4:33 PM  

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