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There's Something About Starting the Week on Sunday Night

Feb 18, 2008

Last night around 11:30 pm, after the kids and my wife had gone to bed, my work week started.  That has been a common kick off time for me for quite a few years. 

When I worked for the US Postal Service years back, I used to work 2nd and 3rd shit.  Back then, that was about the time I had lunch.

Later, when I went to work in corporate finance, that was the time of night when I would do heavy lifting in the form of complicated database analysis and project management.

Since I became a consultant, started my own company and then entered into the world of online publishing and blogging, it has now become the time of the evening when I kick off the articles for the week.

The great thing about starting work at this time is that you are usually relaxed after having a day or two off on the weekend.  Your mind is clear and it is easier to creatively attack problems and apply good solutions.

Last night, I put together a couple great solutions on several of my websites that instantly helped me start earning more money on those sites.  The 'more money' was the reason why I did it, but the creative solution was the thing that was the most fulfilling.

There's something about applying my mind, focusing it through the magnifying glasses of my eyes, and coming up with something that I have never conceived of before.  I personally feel that its rather difficult to come up with a completely original thought, but the more I work in and with technology, the more I think that it is possible.

So you my faithful reader, you my friend that have managed to read this far, I'd like to hear from you.  How often, if ever do you work on Sunday evenings?

Is it more fun to work on a Sunday evening as compared to say a Friday Afternoon, or a Tuesday morning?

How does it work for you?

Is there a specific day or time of the week, when you like to work the most? 

Sorry that last question sounds kind of flaky.  :)

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