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Second Day Running Again - Breathless

Feb 27, 2008

My lungs are out of shape!

Today was my second day running again. I didn't take the kids and so ran at my normal pace and stride which isn't terribly slow. I don't run a 5 minute mile any more, but I'm not a slouch either.

But the reality is that when the temperature is below 70 I just don't breathe like myself. Never have. Maybe its years of allergies and sinus issues, or maybe I'm a big wimp.

Don't know, don't really care, but I don't enjoy rasping for breath and that's a big reason why I don't run when its cold out.

Today was border line with the temperature around 66 and the winds blowing cold at about 20 miles per hour.

Its weird as I have hit my mid thirties, I finally enjoy running. I hated it in my teens and twenties. I was good at running long distance never a sprinter. One of my best times was a three mile race that I came in just over 16 minutes. Not Olympic material or anything but not shabby for someone that doesn't do this stuff for competition or anything.

These days, I couldn't hit 16 minutes (maybe by the end of summer if I tried). But I do enjoy it. I finally get the endorphin thing, which always eluded me in my youth. Might have been dopamine competition going on in my head from other sources, I don't know. :)

These days, when I'm in the zone, I can pretty much run and run and run like Forest Gump or something. (the movie not the book which was much much better . . . Did I mention my wife's store made the box of chocolates and she was there in the kitchen that day or that the bench scene was about 50 meters from our apartment in Savannah - I probably did, sorry about that. ) :)

So anyway that's my thing when it comes to running. If its over 70, I'm in. If its more than 94 or so, I'll wait until its dark.

Throw in a mountain trail or something and I'm in a Pig in Zen.

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