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There Were Jerry's Kids and then Bill Clinton's Kids

Feb 10, 2008

I love this one, even though I can't look at the picture for very long.  I received this great viral email tonight.

Some people ask me, "what is a viral email?"

Answer:  Its basically something short of spam that gets sent all over the internet via email to everyone and their brother.  Often it is sent more than once, every 3-5 years even.

The Setup

Washington DC women were recently polled and asked if they would sleep with Bill Clinton.

Approximately 84% of women responded (with a margin of error of 3%) that

They would not sleep with Bill Clinton "Again"


I wonder why that is?


I was never a fan of the former President.  In fact bringing him back to Washington strikes me as something slightly worse and short of using a reverse colon cleanser on our nations capital.  I am positive that the area dry cleaners will be happy to see him return, while the NYC dry cleaners will morn the day he leaves Harlem.

I guess its a good thing that the former President does not reside in a Sharia law state or else they would probably stone him before sun down. . .

binladen-in-burka That said, these new Bin Laden Burkas are getting a little more sexy.

Batter Up, Its Bill Clinton batting .459 against blue material.  Burtha Bin Laden winds up for the pitch, he hits, he shoots (sports metaphors get twisted) he scores, she's a legend and Osama Bin Laden Cuts his own throat.

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