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Goofy Adsense Problem Fixed on Something About Harry

Feb 12, 2008

For a couple months, I have had a goofy adsense problem here that has been making the site look less than smart. I do apologize, but I just figured out what was causing the problem.

I had FeedFlare activated in Feedburner (for those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about already, just scroll to the next article comfortable knowing that there will be fewer obtrusive ads on the site).

Somehow Feedburner, which was recently purchased by Google last fall, has managed to link adsense to feedflare and so Adsense ads were showing up twice on my blog.  In one section I could control what people saw in the form of ads, and in the other, I had no control at all.

It made it look like there were 2 ad sections running back to back and that meant at least a half page of extra scrolling for my readers. 

That type of exercise isn't good for your heart even

So anyway, I fixed it up, I haven't figured out how to completely remove it as that could also accidentally remove things like the email this button and some other useful tools on the site.  Google is bound and determined to get their pennies out of my site, but I guess in this case I won't complain too much as they gave me the site for free in the first place and they split the pennies with me too. 

Gee whiz, thanks Google, I need more pennies, that will fill up a jar nicely

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