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Hitting on 8 Cylinders this Week

Feb 5, 2008

I've been racing this week to catch up from some efforts last week where I was thwarted a bit by a bad head cold.  I'm healthy now after sleeping too much this weekend.

I've been connecting with a number of people this week that I have know for some time but had not done any business with them.  Now it seems a number of us are coming together finding similar patterns, approaching them with similar strategies born, and achieving positive results.

I am rarely conventional, but never fail to latch on to a good idea if it works.  This week however, I seem to also be contacting and talking with a number of people that have reached similar conclusions and they like myself are achieving some interesting positive results.

I'm watching CNN and election results as I type this and it seems like every other sentence I write here is slightly repetitive.  If you are reading this and experience the same thing, I do apologize.


Politics have definitely been interesting today.  I've been following Super Tuesday all day long and collecting a number of video examples of people going to the polls or providing their insights across the nation.

In the last few months we have shifted from twenty candidates to about 4 major ones (2 in each party).  I have to say that I am not thrilled at all with the four remaining choices and will probably be looking for a third party choice. 

  • I think Hillary is corrupt and do not trust her
  • I think Barack is to inexperienced and sounds just like George W Bush did 8 years ago, he just panders to a different base with different language
  • I think McCain lost himself in 2000, and I don't trust him any more either.
  • Romney has changed his position in order to pander to the conservative right, so I don't trust him either.

I do not know who I will end up supporting, but its not likely to be any of those 4. They may win by default, but that is not my fault.  I will vote for someone better.  Anyone that votes for these 4 are essentially spoilers IMHO.  These candidates have not earned my vote nor my support and I am not going to give them fractional ownership over my vote just because I dislike one of their opponents more.

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