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Fair Weather Joggers

Feb 25, 2008

I am a big wimp!  I do not run or jog when it is cold outside.  I just don't do it.

I'll hike or go sledding or skiing, but running just isn't what I do when its below about 55 degrees.  Actually, any colder than 65 degrees more than a few days in a row and I probably won't run then either.

So after sitting out most of the winter in the freezing area of North Carolina where I live these days (grew up in Illinois), I'm finally getting back to running as of today.

Yesterday, we hit Sports Authority and I bought the ugliest shoes I could find.  There seems to be direct correlation between ugly shoes and comfortable, light running shoes these days.


Of course I went through about 8 pairs of shoes to find the size for the brand that would fit this season and then find a pair that felt right.


I thought these shoes looked kind of cool actually (below) but they felt like I had just tied rocks to my feet.


Of course after buying the shoes, that pretty much means that you have to go running, so that is what I did.  Even took the kids running with me, which was a good excuse to run slowly since my middle daughter is only 5.


Now the next thing that I need to do is get to Wal-Mart, a place I hate about as much as the cold.  I obviously need a new razor.  My old one died a couple weeks back, and its time to replace it.

My old razor pretty much sucked since the day I received it as a gift and I've been longing for the day when it would bite the beard dust ever since.

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I thought you were growing the beard for a contest! Don't give in yet :)

And yes, comfortable athletic shoes always seem to be ugly. Yours are fine, though.

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