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Weird Sex Article and Reasonableness

Feb 19, 2008

Question - My family hasn't been Catholic for over a hundred years, but I was curious Does the Catholic Church encourage / discourage the use of Viagra?

Observation - Since this is in Florida, I suspect that this may increase the death rate, which simultaneously would help the divorce rate. (Fewer living people to divorce each other)

Speculation - I bet someone provided a written request along with a very large donation to the church. "Dear Father, I'm enclosing a check for $20,000. My wife will not have sex with me more than once a month. My urologist tells me that I have to clean out the pipes every day for a month or I will die, and well helping myself would be a sin. Can you do something to encourage my wife to have sex with me every day for the next month? Oh, and I'm really shy so if you could do it in a general way so that no one knows and my wife doesn't figure out that I asked you I would appreciate it."

Sports and Religion - March Madness to be renamed and replaced with March Missionary Madness

The Children - Channel 3 local news is reporting that a wave of forgetfulness has overtaken a local Florida city where parents have forgotten to pick up their children from after school events on time all month long . . . .

Vacation - Father O'Brian finally figured out a way to take a month's vacation from the confessional without anyone ever noticing he was absent. He just had to wear out the congregation so that they would have no energy left for sin.

Eschatology (Bringing the End of the World) - Father O'Brian unwittingly brought about the end of the World prematurely in 2008 by inciting what would become a national trend of married couples having sex every day for a month. The mass rapture of so many church going people exultantly yelling the name of their God aloud at approximately the same time, brought Jesus Christ back to Earth and everyone rose into the heavens.

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