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Kentucky Fried & Pumped Chicken (HGH)

Feb 19, 2008

I think your chicken is probably fine. I pulled this breast out of a Sam's Club bag however, and I think its on HGH. This breast is bigger than mine.

Now, I haven't been working out too much this winter, but this thing is about 7 inches long and about an inch thick.

Did Clemens give any testimony about the chicken he ate?

Have other ball players used the Sam's Club Chicken Defense yet?

Can HGH even get into your system if you cook it?

"I'll take a large mashed potato and mac and cheese with my bucket of extra crispy extra HGH Kentucky Fried & Pumped Chicken"

* Open Question to everyone, is it bad form to rename Title's? Its kind of a habit of mine adopted from another forum and one that I use a lot because I always go off on tangents, but not sure how everyone feels about it here at Utterz?

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