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Baconator Cheeses Up My Mouth

Sep 8, 2007

I am journeying from Atlanta to St Louis.

baconator I'm working with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9, and I'm driving a Toyota Scion xB(sign on according to DNS 9 J ). I'm on Interstate 75 right now. I just picked up a Baconator (bacon Nader per DNS) from Wendy’s next to a long series of discount furniture stores , basically that's a half pound double cheeseburger with seven slices of bacon on it. I probably will have to run all weekend just to work that off and I do know if I can ever loose the cholesterol.

My cousin Casey is getting married this weekend and I'm on my way up to St. Louis for the wedding. After the wedding I'm going head to Peoria Illinois where I'm on a recruiting mission to go out and recruit thousands of bloggers. Specifically I'm going to be going from college to college hoping to convince college students to consider working as a paid intern running their own businesses Pro bloggers.

It's a great way for college students to figure out what they're interested in. Many times people go to college and they end up choosing a major without really exploring if they're interested in that major. I did it myself and changed my major three times starting with marketing and then changing to accounting and then changing to finance and then adding accounting back on as a double major.

People that write as bloggers have to explore a topic very thoroughly. It takes a great deal of passion to write about a subject on a daily or even a weekly basis.

So if college students especially freshmen, sophomores, or juniors (engineers per dns 9) take the time to blog about the topic that they're thinking about majoring in, they might find out whether or not they really have the passion for that subject. It's better to find that out as a freshman or sophomore than it is as a junior or senior but regardless it's important to figure out in college where your passions lie before you go out into the real world. As long as you're in college you still have an easy opportunity to change your major and possibly work in the field of your dreams.

I just finished my sandwich, and I think they named it wrong. That double pound cheeseburger had about as much cheese on it as it did half pound burger. I think they should have named it the super cheesy Baconator (bacon Nader – can’t train DNS9 and drive at the same time!). In fact I'm literally licking and scraping the excess cheese off the roof of my mouth and my teeth like a dog that has just been given a plate full of peanut butter.

I love cheese and this sandwich tastes great, but it's kind of a new sense having so much cheese stuck to my mouth while I'm trying to narrate this short little article.

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