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Wall Sconce vs Poll Lighting

Sep 2, 2007

For years, for no apparent reason, I've had some of those Poll lights in my bedroom.  The type with 2-3 lights coming off a vertical poll.  The poll rests in a heavy base and the lights come off in multiple directions.

I've advanced through various different models and styles starting with early garage sale moving into post modern Big Lots, Efficiency Wal Mart, Faux Target and then later Pre Boca sets too expensive to put into print.

Well as we are going through this recent move, I've moved on.  The room we are staying in right now for corporate housing, has a sconce on the wall just above the head board for the bed.  Its great!

Never thought I'd get so excited about a wall sconce, but the truth is that anything that is more practical, functional or efficient usually trips my trigger.

Guess, I'll have to advance through the different styles of wall sconce next!.

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