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Quick Correction on Osama's Hacked Off Member

Sep 20, 2007

In our former article, we mis-spelled the headline writing the word "loose" instead of "lose".

Bin Laden did not 'loose' his member.  He did not set it free nor expose himself, this time, although the tail of Bin Laden and the 1997 Gay Bomb strike is rather funny.

He did lose his member as in lost, gone, hacked off, look what the cat dragged out the door and lost in the wadi.  We do apologize for the mix up in spelling and any visions of Osam Bin Laden terrorizing the world by exposing himself. 

Worst Case of Compensation since Hitler

It can probably be argued that Bin Laden seems to enjoy one of the worst cases of small penis compensation since Hitler, hence his need to do dastardly . . . do.  When you have a piece that is as small as poor Bin Laden's little larvae, its unfortunate but no surprise that he'd have to compensate by attacking people with passenger jets just to get a chance at 72 virgins in heaven.  Stupid fool doesn't realize that the 72 virgins will laugh at his little larvae in heaven just as they already do on Earth.

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LOL I just spent some time with my dictionary to find out the spelling of the word lose as I was using it. My post was about the Tour de France winner losing his title. It gets confusing!

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