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Sep 2, 2007

OK, I've been negligent of my blog yet again.  The last couple weeks have had me running around doing things that I usually only do every 4-5 years.  Last weekend, I was playing too much with a new cellular provider and new cell phones.

Verizon Wireless is the most expensive cellular carrier I've ever seen and about 4 times more expensive than my former carrier T-Mobile.  I wish I didn't have to switch, but I did.

So I got the phones taken care of and it only took about a week, which is just ridiculous.

Next up, we had to get ourselves a second car, and so I jumped from phone shopping to car shopping.

Just get a nail gun and start shooting at me, it would be less painful!

We wrapped up the car shopping yesterday and on Monday, I have to get a new license and insurance set up for North Carolina.

Not sure what will come next exactly (ok that's a fib, I do!) but it wouldn't surprise me if I had to go out shopping for executive desks next weekend!

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