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No One Reads My Articles About Wood Blinds Anymore :(

Sep 16, 2007

Looking forelornly through Wood Blinds but You are not there

For almost 2 years now I have been diligently writing for you my loved or beloved readers about a topic very dear to my heart, wood blinds.  Together we have covered the ups and downs of my thwarted window reflections, prevented by wood blinds.

Its been a long road, but I thought together we could continue to expound upon our budding and supple relationship together, a three way match made in decorator heaven including my magical and sometimes blinding prose, your gifted insight and ability to read between my blinds and the focus of our passions, the wood blinds themselves.

After all this time, however, I can now see through my wood blind metrics powered by Google analytics that you are no longer reading my boisterous wood blind pros, you are not reading between my blinds, you are not even opening up yourselves to share your own wood blind experiences in my comments.  I am left only to assume that you have found another to focus your attention and care, maybe you have worked your way down the blogosphere street to read about Amy's passion for faux wood blinds, or Cass's'es'es inspiration from bamboo, or maybe your blog reader cup runneth over as you fill up with tails of Elizabeth's Draperies.

I do not know the real answer.  I'll be honest, I do not care.  I just want you back.  I want us to be again what we were, happy, shaded, blinded in our love together for wood blinds, walking together hand in hand in the clouds of dust bunnies fluttering from the shades after a good spring cleaning.  Smiling together, staring into each other's eyes through the slits in our wood blinds, happy, forever.

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