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The Pen Goes Dry

Sep 2, 2007

So we were signing the half a mountain of paperwork for our new car yesterday and my wife and I were both pretty wiped out for no other reason than car shopping makes us tired.

notmy wifes hand We were trying to hold our heads up and the paper work seemed to be trickling our way like a glacier inches towards extinction.

I do not know what it was, but my wife's pen, one of those dealer advertising pens, kept running out of ink.

I had the same type of pen and had no problems, but she seemed to have the frozen ink touch.  Every pen she picked up went dead.  So she'd grab mine and ditto, same thing all over again.  I'd pick her old pen up and it would work just fine.

Wouldn't surprise me a bit if we had been informed that we were on some kind of bad reality show where they had a remote control that turned the pens off at the push of a button. 

Give it time, some asinine producer will try it.

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