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When the Campaign to Sack Michael Vick turned towards Murder

Sep 24, 2007

Many of you may know that I have a website titled The Campaign to Sack Michael Vick.  I started this website back in July when things started to heat up with the Michael Vick case surrounding illegal dog fighting, animal abuse, and dog torture.

I am a dog lover and wanted to do something to voice my outrage about what I was reading about in the news.  I wanted to channel that outrage into a positive and thus I set up a blog at and started sharing a number of insights as well as covering many of the reports about Michael Vick.  The positive was enabling people to find the dozens of petitions that were circulating in helping them to find a way to channel their outrage into something positive.

I also felt somewhat betrayed by the Falcons and the NFL for enabling this man to fund his cruelty.  As a fan and a person that buys the advertised products propped up by these people, I feel that my own money was used by extension to harm these dogs.  The Falcons are upset because they lost a valuable player, but they don't appreciate the damage they did by allowing this to happen.  They act upset from the perspective that they missed a chance to buy some key man insurance and protect their investment in Vick.

Did Michael Vick take a turn down OJ alley?

Last week I heard a story that started to change things for me.  I just returned from a soccer game in Catawba County North Carolina, a few miles away from where I live.  The local news was covering a murder investigation of a man that had been murdered in April.  The man was killed just a few days before Michael Vick's house was raided.  Like Michael Vick this man had about 30 pit bulls that were seized and euthanized.

Unlike Michael Vick, he was murdered in his home.

The big news however, was the fact the local sheriff was releasing information that showed that this murdered man had connections to Michael Vick and or his cohorts.

Now I'm not going to go into all the events that have surfaced in the last few days, you can see that at the other site.  What I want to talk about is the fact that this website is now taking a turn down a dark side, a dark side that I hadn't expected nor really wanted to explore.

In addition to trying to channel my energy into a positive, I was looking for a little practice running a protest site.  I wanted to practice so that I could do some things later on during the next election cycle and do them effectively.  I wasn't planning on getting involved in a site that might ultimately be one of those pinnacle sites for a case that might grow as dark if not darker than the OJ murder trial.

In for a penny, you better be ready for the pound

I'm not really a quitter when it comes to blogs, so I'm probably not going to sell the site nor my going to let it go dormant if there's a story there.  This is not the type of store that I thought I was getting involved in originally.  In this case the blog feels like it spiraling out of control into some dark corner and I don't really want to venture into.

I don't really have any ideas for how I might cope with this or deal with that, maybe I need to open up the site and pick up some additional writers that are interested in covering this type of thing.  Maybe I need to let sleeping dogs lie just ignore it.  I don't know, but if it does turn out that Michael Vick or some of his cohorts had this guy killed, things are going to really blow up next time around.

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