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Michael Vick Just Sucks and I might bail from his train wreck . . .

Sep 27, 2007

This spring I got a little bent out of shape when our local quarter back hero was revealed for being a dog torturing sadist.  At first, in the spring I thought there was potential that the story was blown out of proportion, but as the facts came in it became pretty clear that things were as bad as they seemed.

That got me a little annoyed

OK, It got me a lot annoyed

So I set up a website and a campaign to have Michael Vick Sacked from the NFL.

That turned out to be successful, but it appears that Michael Vick could actually be a lot worse than anyone ever suspected even a couple months ago.  Now, he has gotten in trouble with the quarters for testing positive for marijuana (not too big a deal if he weren't trying to show the courts that he shouldn't go to jail for a long time), plus he defaulted on a bank loan at the beginning of the month and now owes Canada over $2 million dollars(That's pretty stupid of him, considering he should have had tens of millions stashed away.)  

But its possible that he is also involved in a murder related to the dog fighting (murder of a person not dogs).  I have a nasty suspicion that this story is going to get very very ugly, and Michael Vick may end up making OJ, look like a saint (old testament type).

So I am thinking about selling my site .  I do not think that I really want to follow this guy down into what ever hole he is taking himself.  I started the site to get experience with internet protesting and because I believed that it was an important (not the most important but important none the less) cause.

I've never sold a site before, so this will be a first for me if I go through with it.  Guess we will see how that goes . . .

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