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Almost committed a PPP Foul

Feb 16, 2007

I was busy writing up an article about Trademark litigation for my blog and afterwards I stopped by PPP looking for a sponsor article.  I found one for Remote PC connectivity and clicked on it to take it. 

I knew the product and started my write up.  I was dropping the links in in html form with live writer, and almost didn't catch the link at the end.  I had grabbed the wrong opportunity and I was actually linking to plus sized swimsuits as opposed to remote pc software tools for my technology blog.


Ooops, do over!

WooHoo ed by Brett Bumeter at 5:44 PM  

4 Gabbles(comments):

Now that would have made an interesting read!

Cass said...
1:09 AM  

lol, yeah I probably would have made Google's number one spot for "plus sized removePC swimsuits" :)

BrettBum said...
2:12 AM  

HA!!!! And I started blogging about online storage and saw the swimsuit offer, backtracked and chose that one instead.

Perhaps we were channeling each other.

Karoli said...
2:55 AM  

Its a good thing we didn't snarf it away from each other!

BrettBum said...
2:58 AM  

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