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Using the word Uber to much and working hard

Feb 9, 2007

This week I have been extremely busy.  I have begun to launch in beta several new websites and blogs designed to enable people to collaborate creatively online while profiting from their venture. 

This is kind of an early phase 1 in preparation for a very big site of enormous proportions later.  These sites will feature a collection of blogs under one domain.  The blogs will often be written by other bloggers and we will set it up so that they can help each other and benefit from that help financially and possibly socially as well.

Regardless I have been up to my eyeballs in databases, PHP, html and lots and lots of FTP uploads as I get things ready to launch.  Currently I have much of the preliminary structure uploaded but no content yet so there is not much to see.

I took a couple days off from writing and now I am jumping back into that as well full swing to make up for down time.   I have been using my own money to invest in these new ventures and now I need to quickly go out and earn some more cash fast to keep pushing things along without having to touch my own savings more than necessary.

So I feel a bit like a hermit, and look like one as well.  I have been working 20-30 hours at a time and sleeping for 3-5 hours and then doing it again.  My electric razor broke 6 days ago, and I haven't had time to go to the store and buy a new one, so I will look like the skinny version of Grizzly Adams in another day or two.

I have been so busy, that I didn't even have time to go buy more Coke Zero when I ran out 2 nights ago!  Who ever heard of programming and writing without a diet coke anywhere in sight????

PS If you have read any of my posts recently (last couple days) you may have noticed that I keep dropping the Uber bomb.  No idea why, the damn word is stuck in my head like a virus.  Might have something to do with Coke withdrawal, but acknowledging the problem here will hopefully help me to stop writing the word!

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