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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Emphasis on Illustrated

Feb 4, 2007

Sports Illustrated is just about ready to launch the 43rd annual Swimsuit Edition on February 14. Possibly as anticipated as the Superbowl the Swimsuit edition will help to kick off Valentine's Day this year.

The Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated is probably one of the most popular special edition magazines ever. Many people subscribe to Sports Illustrated just to get that one edition.

It has a history even of helping to launch some of the hottest super models of all time. This year that next model might even be Marisa Miller.

The times are changing and Sports Illustrated has not lagged behind. These days you can download pictures to your cell phone or get the wall paper for your computer, order the calendar or more. Who knows in a few more years, we will probably see live video chats with the girls during the shoots on location or something.

But all the technology and all the options does not make this special. SI never fails to deliver hot looking girls in great looking swimsuits (assuming they are wearing swimsuits at all). Plus, they even come out with the making of the swimsuit edition video documentary that is typically just as hot as the magazine itself.

In a few more hours the Superbowl will be over, and we'll just have another 10 days to wait for the next big event of the year, the Swimsuit Edition.

Marisa Miller

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