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Credit Card Options

Feb 2, 2007

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Many people today have many different credit cards and questions like,

"Which of these credit cards should I use?"


"Should I use debit or credit?"

Followed by responses of,

"Put it on the credit card."

Its the modern age, but not to different from past ages when people received letters of credit or were beholden to to a benefactor.

For us today we have to balance our obligations.  This means that we need to pay constant attention to our credit card options to insure that we are getting the best possible deals on 0% balance transfers or capitalizing on cash back credit cards to get he ultimate best price.

Its a level of diligence shared by millions of people around the world and growing to include every continent and many many nations.  As the market expands the options will increase and we will soon need to make decisions where we compare credit cards from the UK, the US and maybe even Japan or India as potential options to manage our credit rates as effectively as possible.

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